SBG GLOBAL | Directors Corner

Board Members

Anil yadav


Well known for his great dedicated in leadership and training quality to help peoples in the field of marketing and invesment management, along with his advanced knowledge, of understanding, and great experience utilizing Cryptocurrencies in various amplitude, nobody has more passion and vivacity for SBG Global than our CEO, Anil Yadav.

  • What’s most exciting about having Anil Yadav on board is his enthusiasm of helping others. When you combine that energy with the most powerful Cryptocurrency program available anywhere, along with a investment opportunity unmatched in the industry, it’s no surprise SBG GLOBAL is one of the most exciting companies in the world!
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of SBG GLOBAL since 15 January 2022 , Anil has over 2+ years of experience in leading, growing and transforming crypto businesses in competitive environments. Building a culture centered around innovation and customer experience, enabled by winning teams is a critical part of his leadership philosophy.
  • Previously, he was the Director of Real State company in India. Anil Yadav believes in lifelong learning and has attended many leadership seminars.

Praveen Rai

International Marketing Head

Parveen Rai heads the Industrial portfolio since 2018. He has experience of over 5+ years in the various marketing & investment firm. He started his career with promotion of stable coin, basically known as future currency. Worked with various crypto based company. He shifted to the promoter of crypto coin 2017 onward, working at senior management roles with SBG Global. He has traveled across the globe and visited several crypto expo to bring back best token promotion technique to India.

  • Parveen Rai is well known as an entrepreneur and someone who has made a name for himself in Online Marketing, Business Development,Sales Marketing and Campaign Management for more than 5 years.
  • Parveen Rai got a real taste for trading cryptocurrencies and after extensive research, testing and hours of actual real trading, designed and developed the flagship product - MMIT Token, ZAX Token & BGVT token, which has been a resounding success.